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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Cerium nanoparticles synthesized using aqueous extract of Centella asiatica: Characterization, determination of free radical scavenging activity and evaluation of efficacy against cardiomyoblast hypertrophyVandana, S; Salin Raj, P; Athira, R; Soumya, R S; Raghu, K G
2013Growth and survival of cells in biosynthetic poly vinyl alcohol-alginate IPN hydrogels for cardiac applicationsThankam, F G; Muthu, J; Vandana, S; Raghu, K G
2018-04Horizontal transfer of miR-23a from hypoxic tumor cell colonies can induce angiogenesisSruthi, T V; Lincy, E; Raji, G R; Haritha, K; Sharath Shankar, S; Vandana, S; Vishnu, R; Aswini, P; Sameer Kumar, V B
2018-11-15Influence of Branched Polyester Chains on the Emission Behavior of Dipyridamole Molecule and Its Biosensing AbilityNagarajan, S; Vandana, S; Bejoymohandas, K S; Duan, Y; Zhang, J
2014A lysosome-targeted drug delivery system based on sorbitol backbone towards efficient cancer therapySanthi, M; Vandana, S; Jyothi, B N; Raghu, K G; Maiti, K K
2013A mitochondria-specific visible-light sensitized europium β-diketonate complex with red emission.Divya, V; Vandana, S; Raghu, K G; Reddy, M L P
2017-04-20Novel Glycoconjugated Squaraine Dyes for Selective Optical Imaging of Cancer CellsShimi, M; Vandana, S; Abdul Rahim, M K; Nitha, P R; Suresh Das; Radhakrishnan, K V; Raghu, K G
2015-09-15Production and characterization of PHB from a novel isolate Comamonas sp. from a dairy effluent sample and its application in cell culturePrabisha, T P; Sindhu, R; Binod, P; Vandana, S; Raghu, K G; Pandey, A
2017-11-16Rapid, Acid-Free Synthesis of High-Quality Graphene Quantum Dots for Aggregation Induced Sensing of Metal Ions and BioimagingNair, R V; Thomas, R T; Vandana, S; Hanif, M; Dong, M; Saju Pillai