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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20121,2-Benzoquinones in diels alder reactions, dipolar cycloadditions, nucleophilic additions, multicomponent reactions and moreVijay Nair, G; Rajeev S Menon; Biju, A T; Abhilash, G
2014-05-131,4-Dipolar Cycloadditions and Related ReactionsVijay Nair, G; Ani Deepthi; Devipriya, A; Anabha, E R; Paul, R R
2006[8+2] Cycloadditions involving 8-aryl-8-azaheptafulvenes and activated styrenes: efficient synthesis of dihydro-1-azaazulenesVijay Nair, G; Abhilash, K G
1995-12Asymmetric synthesis using novel chiral auxiliaries and the synthesis of novel host moleculesJaya, P; Vijay Nair, G
2006CAN-Mediated Oxidative Addition of 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds to Methylenecyclopropanes: A Facile Synthesis of Spirocyclopropyl DihydrofuransVijay Nair, G; Suja, T D; Kishor Mohanan
2006CAN-mediated stereoselective cyclization of epoxypropyl cinnamyl amines to 3,4,5-trisubstituted piperidines and supramolecular assembly of the latter aided by ethyl acetateVijay Nair, G; Mohanan, K; Suja, T D; Suresh, S
2008Carbon-Nitrogen bond-forming reactions of diakyl azodicarboxylate: A promsing synthetic strategyVijay Nair, G; Biju, A T; Smitha C. Mathew; Babu, B P
2013A Cascade reaction actuated by Nucleophilic heterocyclic carbene catalyzed intramolecular addition of enals via homoenolate to r,β-unsaturated esters: Efficient synthesis of coumarin derivatives.Sinu, C R; Padmaja, D V M; Ranjini, U P; Seetha Lakshmi, K C; Suresh, E; Vijay Nair, G
2018-02-19Chemical Research Society of India Awards 2018Vijay Nair, G; Pulla Rao, C; Ramaraj, R; Srinivasan, S; Tyagi, A K; Chandrasekharam, M; Anindya, D; Ghosh, K; Ghosh, S; Hajra, A; Justin Thomas, K R; Sharma, P K; Singh, K N; Talukdar, P
2008Construction of heterocycles via 1,4-dipolar cycloaddition of quinoline-DMAD zwitterion with various dipolarophilesVijay Nair, G; Devipriya, S; Suresh, E
2005A convenient protocol for C-H oxidation mediated by an azido radical culminating in Ritter-type amidationVijay Nair, G; Suja, T D; Kishor Mohanan
2006A Convenient Synthesis of 2,2-Diarylcyclobutanones by Cerium (IV) Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) Mediated Oxidation of Methylenecyclopropanes (MCPs)Vijay Nair, G; Suja, T D; Kishor Mohanan
2006Efficient Condensation Reactions of Electron-Rich Arenes with Aldehydes and Enals Promoted by Gold(III) Chloride: Practical Synthesis of Triaryl - and Triheteroarylmethanes and Related CompoundsVijay Nair, G; Vidya, N; Abhilash, K G
2007An efficient multicomponent protocol for the stereoselective synthesis of oxazinobenzothiazole derivativesAbhilash, N P; Rema Devi, B; Suresh, E; Vijay Nair, G
2007Efficient synthesis of [1,3]oxazino[2,3-a]quinoline derivatives by a novel 1,4-dipolar cycloaddition involving a quinoline-DMAD zwitterion and carbonyl compoundsVijay Nair, G; Devipriya, S; Suresh, E
2008An efficient synthesis of indolo[3,2-a]carbazoles via the novel acid catalyzed reaction of indoles and diaryl-1,2-dionesVijay Nair, G; Vidya, N; Abhilash, K G; Suresh, E
2006An efficient synthesis of isothiazolidines via sulfonium ylides formed by the reaction of thietanes and nitreneVijay Nair, G; Smitha M Nair; Devipriya, S; Sethumadhavan, D
2005Electrophilic substitution reactions of trisheteroarylmethanes: an efficient strategy to develop novel synthons for organic synthesisVijay Nair, G; Siji Thomas; Smitha C Mathew; Vidya, N; Rath, N P
2011Employing homoenolates generated by NHC catalysis in carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions: state of the artVijay Nair, G; Rajeev S Menon; Biju, A T; Sinu, C R; Paul, R R; Anu, J; Sreekumar, V
2006Engaging zwitterions in carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bond-forming reactions: A promising synthetic strategyVijay Nair, G; Rajeev S Menon; Sreekanth, A R; Abhilash, N; Biju, A T