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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Burned rice husk: An effective additive for enhancing the electromagnetic properties of MgB2 superconductorNeson Varghese; Vinod, K; Shipra; Sundaresan, A; Syamaprasad, U
2011Combined addition of nano diamond and nano SiO2, an effective method to improve the in-field critical current density of MgB2 superconductorRahul, S; Neson Varghese; Vinod, K; Devadas, K M; Syju Thomas; Anees, P; Chattopadhyay, M K; Roy, S B; Syamaprasad, U
2011Effect of carbon substitution on the superconducting properties of nanocarbon-, nanodiamond- and nano-SiC-doped MgB2Neson Varghese; Vinod, K; Rahul, S; Anees, P; Devadas, K M; Syju Thomas; Shipra; Sundaresan, A; Roy, S B; Syamaprasad, U
24-Nov-2010Effect of Combined Addition of Nano-SiC and Nano-Ho2O3 on the in-Field Critical Current Density of MgB2 SuperconductorNeson Varghese; Vinod, K; Chattopadhyay, M K; Roy, S B; Syamaprasad, U
Oct-2006Effect of Site Selective Doping of Sm on the Superconducting and Flux Pinning Properties of (Bi, Pb)-2212Biju, A; Vinod, K; Syamaprasad, U
20-Feb-2009Enhanced Superconducting Properties of Bulk MgB2 Prepared by In Situ Powder-In-Sealed-Tube MethodNeson Varghese; Vinod, K; Ashok Rao; Kuo, Y K; Syamaprasad, U
2012Enhancement of bending strain tolerance and current carrying property of MgB2 based multifilamentary wiresSyju Thomas; Neson Varghese; Rahul, S; Devadas, K M; Vinod, K; Syamaprasad, U
31-Jul-2007Flux Pinning Properties of Magnesium Diboride Added (Bi,Pb)-2212 SuperconductorsVinod, K; Abhilash Kumar, R G; Biju, A; Sarun, P M; Syamaprasad, U
17-Jan-2007Highly enhanced flux pinning in Pb and rare earth codoped Bi-2212Biju, A; Vinod, K; Sarun, P M; Syamaprasad, U
4-Apr-2007Improved Superconducting Properties by La Addition in (Bi,Pb)-2212 Bulk SuperconductorBiju, A; Vinod, K; Aloysius, R P; Syamaprasad, U
2011Influence of nano-Cu additive on MgB2 phase formation, processing temperature, and transport propertiesNeson Varghese; Vinod, K; Rahul, S; Devadas, K M; Syju Thomas; Pradhan, S; Syamaprasad, U
15-Aug-2007Influence of reactivity of sheath materials with Mg/B on superconducting properties of MgB2Neson Varghese; Vinod, K; Abhilash Kumar, R G; Syamaprasad, U; Sundaresan, A
2009Preparation of in situ MgB2/Fe superconducting tapes with highly densified core by hot pressing of electrically self-heated PIT wiresVinod, K; Neson Varghese; Rahul, S; Syamaprasad, U
Aug-2007Preparation of MgB2/Fe superconductor wire by electrical self-heatingAbhilash Kumar, R G; Vinod, K; Syamaprasad, U
May-2009Significant Enhancement of the In-field Critical Current Density of the MgB2 Superconductor through Codoping of Nano-TiC with Nano-SiCVinod, K; Varghese, N; Roy, S B; Syamaprasad, U
2006A simple and inexpensive method for rapid synthesis of MgB2 superconductorAbhilash Kumar, R G; Vinod, K; Aloysius, R P; Syamaprasad, U
2008Structural and superconducting properties of bulk MgB2 with added nano Tb4O7Vinod, K; Neson Varghese; Syamaprasad, U; Shipra; Sundaresan, A
Jan-2010Studies on development of MgB2 superconductor with improved in-field critical current densityVinod, K; U. Syamaprasad
Oct-2007Superconductivity of MgB2 in the BCS framework with emphasis on extrinsic effects on critical temperatureVinod, K; Neson Varghese; Syamaprasad, U
2011Transport properties of sealed MgB2/Fe/Ni multifilamentary wires heat treated in airDevadas, K M; Rahul, S; Syju Thomas; Neson Varghese; Vinod, K; Syamaprasad, U; Pradhan, S; Chattopadhyay, M K; Roy, S B