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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Studies on the carbohydrates of cassava and allied tubersEmilia Abraham, T; Mathew, A G
1984A Chemical investigation on the quality aspects of tree spices with special reference to essential oilsGopalakrishnan, M
Feb-1987Treatment of organic effluent and the production of single - cell proteinManilal, V B; Balagopalan, C; Narayanan, C S
Apr-1988Studies on the polymerization characteristics of naturally occurring (renewable) monomersManjula, S; Pillai, C K S
Jul-1989Studies on Clay (Kaolinite) Polymer CompositesJalajakumari, B; Satyanarayana K G; Warier K G K
1990Studies on the development of flavour in coconut and oil palm kernel on heatingJayalekshmy, A; Mathew, A G
1990Studies on physico-chemical and textural qualities of cassava (Manihot esculenta crantz)Manavedan Raja, K C; Mathew, A G
Jul-1990Studies on Squeeze casting of Al-Si alloy and its graphite compositeBalan, P
Aug-1991Chemical examination of some Indian medicinal plantsSheela P Nair; Madhusudana Rao, J
Sep-1991Biochemical studies on the tissue culture of some medicinal plantsJayakumaran Nair, A; Sudhakaran, P R; Madhusudana Rao, J
Dec-1991Preconcentration and determination of trace amounts of neodymium and samariumBhagavathy, V; Prasada Rao, T
Dec-1991Solidification processing, thermo - mechanical treatment and structure - property correlation of an Al-Zn-Mg-TiO2 particulate compositeBalasubramanian, P K; Pai, B C; Sathyanarayana, K G; Rohatgi, P K
Aug-1992Studies on chemical methods of preparation of fine ceramic powdersHari Krishna Varma, P. R; Warrier, K G K; Nair, C G R
Nov-1992Chemical modification of natural monomers and polymersGeorge John; Pillai, C K S; Das, K G; Saramma, K
Nov-1992Characterisation of high temperature superconducting compound by x-ray and other techniquesSimon, Augustine; P. S. Mukherjee
Dec-1992Physico-chemical and mineralogical studies on some plastic kaolinitic claysKshama V Das; Nair, C G R; Lalithambika, M
Feb-1993New reagents in liquid-liquid extraction studies of rare earthsSreelatha, S; Narayanan, C S; Prasada Rao, T
Apr-1993Transformations of Terpenyl oxiranes by Heterogeneous CatalysisJayasree, J; Narayanan C S
Jun-1993Asymmetric synthesis using phase transfer catalysisBharati Rao, T; Madhusudana Rao, J
Oct-1994Phytochemical investigations on some piper species and gouania microcarpaSumathykutty, M A; Madhusudana Rao, J