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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008C-H bond activation through sigma-bond metathesis and agostic interactions: Deactivation pathway of a Grubbs second-generation catalystJomon Mathew; Koga, N; Suresh, C H
2008Ca(4)La(2)Ti(5)O(17): a novel low loss dielectric ceramics in the CaO-La(2)O(3)-TiO(2) systemRejini, R; Subodh, G; Sebastian, M T
2011Calcination and associated structural modifications in boehmite and their influence on high temperature densification of aluminaPadmaja, P N; Ghosh, S K; Warrier, K G K
2011Calix[2]-m-benzo[4]phyrin with aggregation-induced enhanced-emission characteristics: Application as a Hg-II chemosensorSalini, P S; Ajesh P Thomas; Sabarinathan, R; Ramakrishnan, S; Gowri Sreedevi, K C; Reddy, M L P; Srinivasan, A
2018-06-19Calix[4]arene Based Redox Sensitive Molecular Probe for SERS Guided Recognition of Labile Iron Pool in Tumor CellsSreedevi, P; Nair, J B; Preethanuj, P; Jeeja, B S; Suresh, C H; Maiti, K K; Luxmi Varma, R
2010Calix[n]metallocenyl[m]phyrins (n=1, 2 and m=2, 4): aryl vs. alkylRamakrishnan, S; Anju, K S; Ajesh P Thomas; Suresh, E; Srinivasan, A
2017-01-07Call for Industry - R & D TiesThe Hindu
2023-09-13Call for innovation in Coconut IndustryThe Hindu; The Mathrubhumi; The Metro Vaartha; The Mangalam; The New age; The Janmabhumi; The Kalakaumudi
2023-03-14Call for steps to promote rubber cultivationThe Times of India
2007-11-27Call to intensify research on drug developmentThe Hindu
2012-05-10Call to promote collaborative research and innovationThe Hindu
2011-06-13Campaign to highlight importance of chemistryThe Hindu
2017-01-13Can Zinc Aluminate-Titania Composite be an Alternative for Alumina as Microelectronic Substrate?Roshni, S B; Sebastian, M T; Surendran, K P
2006CAN-Mediated Oxidative Addition of 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds to Methylenecyclopropanes: A Facile Synthesis of Spirocyclopropyl DihydrofuransVijay Nair, G; Suja, T D; Kishor Mohanan
2006CAN-mediated stereoselective cyclization of epoxypropyl cinnamyl amines to 3,4,5-trisubstituted piperidines and supramolecular assembly of the latter aided by ethyl acetateVijay Nair, G; Mohanan, K; Suja, T D; Suresh, S
2014A carbazole-fluorene molecular hybrid for quantitative detection of TNT using a combined fluorescence and quartz crystal microbalance methodKartha, K K; Sandeep, A; Nair, V C; Takeuchi, M; Ajayaghosh, A
2017-05-11Carbazole-Linked Near-Infrared Aza-BODIPY Dyes as Triplet Sensitizers and Photoacoustic Contrast Agents for Deep-Tissue ImagingGawale, Y; Adarsh, N; Sandeep Kumar, K; Joshy Joseph; Pramanik, M; Ramaiah, D; Sekar, N
2014-09-21A Carbazole–fluorene Molecular Hybrid for Quantitative Detection of TNT Using a Combined Fluorescence and Quartz Crystal Microbalance MethodKartha, K K; Sandeep, A; Vijayakumar, C N; Takeuchi, M; Ajayaghosh, A
2008Carbon nanotube triggered self-assembly of oligo(p-phenylene vinylene)s to stable hybrid pi gelsSrinivasan, S; Babu, S S; Praveen, V K; Ajayaghosh, A
2017-03-10Carbon Nanotube-Epoxy Composites: The Role of Acid Treatment in Thermal and Electrical ConductivityMetz, R; Diaz, L; Aznar, R; Alvarez, L; Flaud, V; Ananthakumar, S; Bantignies, J L