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Title: Novel donor-acceptor-substituted butadiene systems: Photochemical and photophysical properties in solution, liquid crystalline and crystalline phases
Authors: Riju Davis
Suresh Das
Keywords: Photoisomerization reaction
Thermal-mode switching
Dipole moments
Photoresponsive liquid crystals
Intramolecular charge transfer
Photochemical isomerization
Donor acceptor substituted butadienes
Alkoxy cyano substituted diphenylbutadiene
Reversible photochemical phase transition
Issue Date: Nov-2002
Publisher: Photosciences and Photonics Division, Regional Research Laboratory(CSIR), Thiruvananthapuram.
Citation: Ph.d Thesis, University of Kerala, Regional Research Laboratory(CSIR), Thiruvananthapuram, India; ix + 207 pp
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