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Title: Characterization of centrifugal cast functionally graded aluminum-silicon carbide metal matrix composites
Authors: Rajan, T P D
Pillai, R M
Pai, B C
Keywords: Functionally graded material (FGM)
Metal matrix composites (MMC)
Silicon carbide
Centrifugal casting
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Materials Characterization 61(10):923-928;Oct 2010
Abstract: The present investigation is on characterization of functionally graded composites based on 356 cast and 2124 wrought aluminum alloys reinforced with SIC particles of 23 mu m average particle size processed by liquid metal stir casting followed by horizontal centrifugal casting A maximum of 45 and 40% SiC particles are obtained at the outer periphery of the Al(356)-SiC and Al(2124)-SiC FGMMC casting respectively The maximum hardness obtained at the outer periphery after heat treatment for Al(356)-SiC and Al(2124)-SiC FGMMC are 155 BHN and 145 BHN respectively The freezing range of the matrix alloy has been found to dictate the nature of transition from particle enriched to depleted zone These composites are suitable for making engineering components, which require very high surface hardness and wear resistances with high specific strength.
ISSN: 1044-5803
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