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Title: Evolution of MgAl2O4 crystals in Al-Mg-SiO2 composites
Authors: Sreekumar, V M
Pillai, R M
Pai, B C
Chakraborty, M
Keywords: Matrix composite
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Applied Physics A - Materials Science & Processing 90(4):745-752;Mar 2008
Abstract: The present study analyzes the morphological transformations of reaction products i.e., MgO, MgAl2O4 occurring during the reaction between SiO2 and Al-Mg alloy in Al-Mg-SiO2 composite processed by the liquid metallurgy technique. Different phases of platelet and hexagonal morphologies are detected and their composition analysis by EDS has confirmed them as being transition phases existing between MgO, MgAl2O4 and Al2O3. This study has also revealed the gradual transformation of (i) MgO needles to octahedral MgAl2O4 through Mg-Al-Si-O and Mg-Al-O transition phases having platelet morphologies and (ii) MgAl2O4 to Al2O3 through hexagonal transition phases on holding of Al-5Mg-SiO2 and Al-1Mg-SiO2 composites respectively at 1023K. Fully developed alpha-Al2O3 crystals are not observed under the present experimental conditions, wherein the Mg content is well above the equilibrium Mg content required for the formation of stable Al2O3 (< 0.05 wt.%).
ISSN: 0947-8396
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