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Title: Microwave dielectric properties of A(6)B(5)O(18)-type perovskites
Authors: Santha, N I
Sebastian, M T
Keywords: Crystal-structure
Hexagonal perovskites
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
Citation: Journal of the American Ceramic Society 90(2):496-501;Feb 2007
Abstract: Cation-deficient perovskites with the general formula A(6)B(5)O(18) (A=Ba, Sr, La; B=Nb, Ta, Ti, Zr, Mg, and Zn) have been synthesized and their microwave dielectric properties have been investigated. X-ray diffraction studies indicate the formation of monophase materials. The structures of Ba6Ta4TiO18 and Ba5SrTa4TiO18 are different from that of Sr6Ta4TiO18. The A(6)B(5)O(18) have Q x f in the range 5600-51 000 GHz, dielectric constants 26-48, and the temperature coefficient of resonant frequency varies from -39 to +83 ppm/degrees C, depending on the composition. Scanning electron microscopy studies show that the grain size decreases with an increase in the Sr content.
ISSN: 0002-7820
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