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Title: Ba2ErNbO6: A new perovskite ceramic substrate for Bi(2223) superconducting thick films (T-c(0)=110 K)
Authors: Nair, S U K
Warriar, P R S
Jacob Koshy
Keywords: Barium erbium niobate
Superconducting film
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Indian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Bulletin of Materials Science 28(1):39-41; Feb 2005
Abstract: Barium erbium niobate (Ba2ErNbO6) has been developed as a new substrate for (Bi,Pb)(2)Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox, [Bi(2223)] superconductor film. Ba2ErNbO6 (BENO) has a cubic perovskite structure with lattice constant, a = 8.318 Angstrom. The Bi(2223) superconductor does not show any detectable chemical reaction with BENO even under extreme processing conditions. Dip coated Bi (2223) thick film, Ba2ErNbO6 substrate, gave a T-c (0) of 110 K and current density of similar to 4 x 10(3) A CM-2 at 77 K and zero magnetic field.
ISSN: 0250-4707
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