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Title: Centrifugal casting: A potential technique for making functionally graded materials and engineering components
Authors: Rajan, T P D
Pillai, R M
Pai, B C
Keywords: Centrifugal Casting
Functionally Graded Materials [FGM]
Metal Matrix Composites
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Citation: Indian Foundry Journal 53(6):79-87;Jun 2007
Abstract: Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) are the emerging new class of advanced engineering materials which exhibit gradual transitions in the microstructure and / or the composition in a specific direction. The presence of which leads to variation in the functional performance within a part. FGM are in their early stages of evolution and expected to have a strong impact on the design and development of new components and structures with better performance. Among the various processing routes available for FGM, centrifugal casting has become one of the simplest and cost - effective methods for producing large - size engineering components. The gradient in composition of microstructures can be tailored by varying the processing parameters. The gradation is formed mainly due to the density difference between the molten metal and phases or particles present in the system. This paper presents the principle and types of centrifugal casting introduces the concept of functionally graded materials and then discusses on various studies carried out on FGM processing through centrifugal casting technique, followed by their structural characteristics, properties and component development. Ample scope exists for further development of new functionally graded materials systems and engineering components using this potential technique.
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