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Title: LTCC Tapes based on Al2O3-BBSZ glass with improved Thermal Conductivity
Authors: Induja, I J
Abhilash, P
Arun, S
Surenderan, K P
Sebastian, M T
Keywords: A. Tapecasting;C.Thermalconductivity;D.Al2O3; E.Substrates
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Ceramics International 41(10):13572-13581,Dec 2015
Abstract: A novellowtemperatureco-fired ceramic(LTCC)compositionconsistingof40wt%Al2O3–60 wt%BBSZ(35Bi2O3:32ZnO:27B2O3:6SiO2) fireable at850 1C hasbeendeveloped.TheXRDstudyofthesinteredcompositeshowsthepresenceofBi24Si2O40 and ZnAl2O4 secondary phases. Thebulksamplessinteredat900 1C hasdielectricconstant(εr) of11.3andlosstangent(tan δ) of0.001at1MHz.Tapesofthecomposite have beencastedonMylars film andthegreentapehasasurfaceroughnessof299nmandtensilestrengthof0.1MPa.Uponsinteringthetapes showed an εr of 10.9,tan δ of 0.009andtemperaturecoefficient ofdielectricconstant(τε) of487ppm/1C at5GHz,whicharesuitablefor practical hybriddeviceapplications
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