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Title: Photoluminescent, self-cleaning titanium oxide nanocomposites with multifunctional properties
Authors: Smitha, V S
Saju Pillai
Hareesh, U N S
Nair, B N
Warrier, K P
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2014
Publisher: RSC Advances
Citation: Royal Society of Chemistry 4(106):61727-61735
Abstract: Photoluminescent and self-cleaning properties of an Eu 3+ doped titania–silica–lanthanum phosphate nanocomposite (Eu-TSL) prepared by an aqueous sol–gel process and films fabricated on glass substrates by dip coating are investigated in the present work. These nanocomposites containing Eu 3+ as dopants exhibit red luminescence upon visible light excitation, after heat treatment at 400 C. For an excitation wavelength of 465 nm, the PL spectra of Eu-TSL show intense peaks at 613 nm ( 5 D0– 7 F2), characteristic of Eu 3+ ions. This red emission has a life time of 0.5 ms. 1 mol% Eu added TSL shows 96% methylene blue dye degradation after two hours UV light exposure which is attributed to the presence of anatase phase, optimum crystallite size (5.7 nm) and enhanced specific surface area (147 m 2 g 1 ). Eu-TSL was found to be five times more efficient in decolourization of methylene blue than EuTiO2 from the reported literature. Eu-TSL retains all the major properties including photoactivity, transparency ( 97%) and low wettability ( 80 ). In addition, red emission could be integrated at very low europium doping levels (1 mol%). Even though europium doping on titania is reported widely, a multifunctional luminescent and self-cleaning composition based on Eu-TSL synthesized by an aqueous sol–gel route is reported for thefirst time
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