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Title: Study of β‑Cyclodextrin−Pyromellitic Diimide Complexation. Conformational Analysis of Binary and Ternary Complex Structures by Induced Circular Dichroism and 2D NMR Spectroscopies
Authors: Retheesh Krishnan
Rakhi, A M
Gopidas, K R
Keywords: cyclodextrin
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2012
Publisher: ACS publication
Citation: journal of physical chemistry C 116:25004−25014
Abstract: Complexation ofN-alkyl derivatives of PMDI with β-CD is probed using a variety of techniques. Although MALDI-TOF and CV experiments suggested complex formation, it is very evident from UV−vis and NMR experiments that these complexes are different from regular inclusion complexes. A clear understanding of the structure of the binary complex PMDI@β-CD could be obtained using ICD and NMR ROESY experiments. ICD signals were negative which suggest that the PMDI moiety is placed outside of the cavity. ROESY experiments provide support for this contention. When the alkyl group istbutyl or 2-propyl, the CH3 protons exist very close to the inner protons ofβ-CD, but the aromatic proton of PMDI is clearly outside theβ-CD cavity. Based on these results we proposed a structure for PMDI@β-CD with the PMDI moiety placed at the narrow rim ofβ-CD and theN-alkyl group projecting into the cavity and designated these as“rim-binding”complexes. Additional experiments showed thatβ-CD can accommodate a PMDI moiety at the narrow rim and an adamantane moiety in its cavity simultaneously, resulting in the formation of ternary complexes PMDI⊃β-CD⊂ADA. Structure of the ternary complex was also probed by ROESY. The ternary complex formation can be utilized for the design of higher order functional materials such as CDbased hydrogels
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