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Title: Color-Tunable Cyano-Substituted Divinylene Arene Luminogens as Fluorescentπ‑Gelators
Authors: Fatima Aparicio
Sandeep Cherumukkil
Ajayaghosh, A
Luis Sanchez
Keywords: donor−acceptor
appropriate position
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ACS publication
Citation: Langmuir 32: 284−289
Abstract: The synthesis of three cyano-substituted divinyleneπ-gelators is reported. The modulation of the color is achieved by placing the cyano groups in appropriate position of the conjugated backbone, thus modulating the donor−acceptor interaction. Variable-temperature UV−vis data have been utilized to investigate the self-assembly of the gelators1−3that is governed by a cooperative mechanism. A complete set of photophysical parameters (ΦF ,τ, kr andknr) demonstrate the role of the molecular aggregation in enhanced emission upon self-assembly
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