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Title: Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Uranyl ion Imprinted Polymers of Aniline and 8-Hydroxy Quinoline functionalized aniline
Authors: Milja, T E
Krupa, V S
Rao, T P
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2014
Publisher: RSC
Citation: Royal Society of Chemistry 4(58):30718-30724
Abstract: In this work we report a simple method for the synthesis of uranyl ion imprinted and non imprinted polyaniline (IPAN and NIPAN) and a copoly mer of 8-hydroxyquinoline functionalized aniline (ANHQ) and aniline (IFPAN and NIFPAN) using potassium dichromate and ammonium persulphate as the initiators. The structural characterization of the synthesized materials were done by FTIR and UV-Visible spectroscopy, morphology by SEM, thermal properties by TG and electrochemical properties by cyclic voltammetry. Application of the synthesized materials in removal of uranyl ion was studied using solid phase extraction (SPE). Various parameters were optimized to get quantitative removal from aqueous sample buffered to neutral pH using ammonium acetate. Selectivity and reusability studies were carried out to demonstrate the possible application in real sampleanalysis
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