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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2017Computational and Mechanistic Studies on the Effect of Galactoxyloglucan: Imatinib Nanoconjugate in Imatinib Resistant K562 CellsJames, A R; Unnikrishnan, B S; Priya, R; Joseph, M M; Manojkumar, T K; Raveendran Pillai, K; Shiji, R; Preethi, G U; Kusumakumary, P; Sreelekha, T T
21-Feb-2017Design of Macroscopically Ordered Liquid Crystalline Hydrogel Columns Knitted with Nanosilver for Topical ApplicationsRaveendran, R L; Kumar Sasidharan, N; Sudha, J D
24-Apr-2017Enhanced Antibacterial Metabolite Production Through the Application of Statistical Methodologies by a Streptomyces Nogalater NIIST A30 Isolated from Western Ghats Forest SoilJubi Jacob; Reshma, U R; Syama, H P; Jayamurthy, P; Dileep Kumar, B S
May-2017Specificity of Root Microbiomes in Native-Grown Nicotiana Attenuata and Plant Responses to UVB Increase Deinococcus ColonizationRakesh, S; Oh, Y; Ramesh Kumar; Weinhold, A; Luu, V T; Groten, K; Baldwin, I T
8-Feb-2017Flexibility in a Molecular Crystal Accomplished by Structural Modulation of Carbohydrate EpimersPanda, M K; Pal, K B; Gijo, R; Rajesh, J; Moriwaki, T; Mukherjee, G D; Balaram, M; Naumov, P
Apr-2017In Situ Polymerized Polyaniline Nanofiber-Based Functional Cotton and Nylon Fabrics as Millimeter-Wave AbsorbersNina Joseph; Jobin Varghese; Sebastian, M T
Apr-2017Magnetic Nanoparticle-Supported N-Heterocyclic Carbene- Palladium(II): A Convenient, Efficient and Recyclable Catalyst for Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling ReactionsVishal, K; Fahlman, B D; Sasidhar, B S; Patil, S A; Patil, S A
13-Apr-2017Quantification of Thermodynamic Hydridicity of Hydride Complexes of Mn, Re, Mo, and W Using the Molecular Electrostatic PotentialSandhya, K S; Suresh, C H
8-May-2017Hydrophilic Microporous Lanthanide-Organic Frameworks Based on 4,4'-Biphenyldiacetate: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Sorption PropertiesMakhloufi, G; Biju Francis; Janina, D; Strzelczyk, A; Janiak, C
May-2017Microwave Dielectric Properties of Mineral Sillimanite Obtained by Conventional and Cold Sintering ProcessInduja, I J; Sebastian, M T