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Title: A protein–dye hybrid system as a narrow range tunable intracellular pH sensor
Authors: Palapuravan, Anees
Karivachery V, Sudheesh
Purushothaman, Jayamurthy
Arunkumar, R. Chandrika
Ramakrishnapillai, V. Omkumar
Ajayaghosh, A
Keywords: monitor
measuring minor
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2016
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: Chemical Science 7:6808–6814
Abstract: Accurate monitoring of pH variations inside cells is important for the early diagnosis of diseases such as cancer. Even though a variety of different pH sensors are available, construction of a custom-made sensor array for measuring minute variations in a narrow biological pH window, using easily available constituents, is a challenge. Here we report two-component hybrid sensors derived from a protein and organic dye nanoparticles whose sensitivity range can be tuned by choosing different ratios of the components, to monitor the minute pH variations in a given system. The dye interacts noncovalently with the protein at lower pH and covalently at higher pH, triggering two distinguishable fluorescent signals at 700 and 480 nm, respectively. The pH sensitivity region of the probe can be tuned for every unit of the pH window resulting in custom-made pH sensors. These narrow range tunable pH sensors have been used to monitor pH variations in HeLa cells using the fluorescence imaging technique
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