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Title: Structural and Magnetic Properties of Nd0.67Ba0.33MnO3 Manganites with Partial Replacement of Fe and Cu at Mn-site
Authors: Sudakshina, B
Arun, B
Devi Chandrasekhar, K
Devi Chandrasekhar, H D
Vasundhara, M
Keywords: Perovskite manganites
B-site doping of NBMO
X-ray absorption near edge spectrum
Magnetic studies
Issue Date: 15-Jun-2018
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Citation: Physica B: Condensed Matter, 539:14-20
Abstract: We have investigated the structural and magnetic properties of Nd0.67Ba0.33MnO3 manganite and partial replacement of Mn with Fe and Cu compounds followed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM). The Rietveld refinement of XRD indicates orthorhombic crystal structure with I-mma space group for all the compounds and thus obtained lattice parameters confirm the presence of co-operative Jahn-Teller effect. XRD and XAS spectra results suggests the existence of Fe3þ in Fesubstituted compound where as a mixed state of Cu2þ and Cu3þ ions in the Cu-substituted compound. The ferromagnetic (FM) to paramagnetic (PM) transition and magnetic moment is found to decrease upon the substitution of Fe and Cu atoms because of the suppression of double exchange interaction. The theoretically obtained and experimentally determined values of effective PM moment and saturation magnetic moment confirms the presence of inhomogeneous magnetic states containing FM and antiferromagnetic clusters in all the studied compounds.
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