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Title: Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Pentafulvenes
Authors: Preethanuj, P
Syam Krishnan, K
Sreeja, T
Sarath Chand, S
Jomy Joseph
Nair, V
Jaroschik, F
Radhakrishnan, K V
Issue Date: 2-Feb-2017
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: Chemical Reviews, 117(5):3930-3989
Abstract: Pentafulvenes are a unique class of compounds that originally attracted attention due to their propensity to display nonbenzenoid aromaticity. Subsequently, they were recognized as valuable synthons for the construction of a wide range of compounds by virtue of their ability to display multiple cycloaddition profiles. Naturally, this area of organic chemistry has experienced rapid growth over the last five decades, fueled by elegant work showcasing the unique reactivity of pentafulvenes in a plethora of cycloaddition reactions. In this Review, we have attempted to provide a systematic account of the methods for the generation of pentafulvenes, their rich and varied cycloaddition chemistry, organometallic reactions, and theoretical studies that support their versatility. Further, we have highlighted their applications in the synthesis of a variety of complex structural frameworks. It is our conviction that this Review will be useful to a wide range of chemists, and will spur further research in this promising area.
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