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Title: Recent Advances in the Production of Value Added Chemicals and Lipids Utilizing Biodiesel Industry Generated Crude Glycerol as a Substrate - Metabolic Aspects, Challenges and Possibilities: An Overview
Authors: Vivek, N
Sindhu, R
Madhavan, A
Anju, A J
Castro, E
Faraco, V
Pandey, A
Binod, P
Keywords: Crude glycerol
Value added products
Metabolic engineering
Process strategies
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Bioresource Technology, 239:507-517
Abstract: One of the major ecological concerns associated with biodiesel production is the generation of waste/ crude glycerol during the trans-esterification process. Purification of this crude glycerol is not economically viable. In this context, the development of an efficient and economically viable strategy would be biotransformation reactions converting the biodiesel derived crude glycerol into value added chemicals. Hence the process ensures the sustainability and waste management in biodiesel industry, paving a path to integrated biorefineries. This review addresses a waste to wealth approach for utilization of crude glycerol in the production of value added chemicals, current trends, challenges, future perspectives, metabolic approaches and the genetic tools developed for the improved synthesis over wild type microorganisms were described.
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