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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Bio-butanol Production from Rice Straw – Recent Trends, Possibilities, and ChallengesVivek, N; Nair, L M; Mohan, B; Nair, S C; Sindhu, R; Pandey, A; Shurpali, N; Binod, P
2019-03-12Significant Reduction in the Optical Band-gap and Defect Assisted Magnetic Response in Fe-doped Anatase Tio2 Nanocrystals as Dilute Magnetic SemiconductorsV R, Akshay; B, Arun; G, Mandal; A, Chanda; M, Vasundhara
2019-05-06Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic Sr3YCo4O10+delta and Carbon Black-Reinforced Polyvinylidenefluoride Composites toward High-Performance Electromagnetic Interference ShieldingV, Lalan; A P, Narayanan; K P, Surendran; S, Ganesanpotti
2019-05-16Short Chain Fatty Acids Enriched Fermentation Metabolites of Soluble Dietary Fibre from Musa Paradisiaca Drives Ht29 Colon Cancer Cells to ApoptosisK B, Arun; A, Madhavan; T R, Reshmitha; S, Thomas; P, Nisha
2019-07-16Quinoline Appended Pillar[5]arene (Qpa) as Fe3+ Sensor and Complex of Fe3+ (Feqpa) as a Selective Sensor for F-, Arginine and Lysine in the Aqueous Medium.R, Joseph; A, Asok; K, Joseph
2019-06Reciprocating Wear Analysis of Magnesium-Modified Hyper-eutectic Functionally Graded Aluminium CompositesE, Jayakumar; T, Varghese; T P D, Rajan; B C, Pai
2019-04-29Protein-Assisted Supramolecular Control over Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer in Aqueous MediumV C, Nair; K K, Kartha; B, Balan; S, Poulose; M, Takeuchi
2019-03Pretreatment of Tribulus Terrestris L. Causes Anti-ischemic Cardioprotection through Mapk Mediated Anti-apoptotic Pathway in RatP L, Reshma; P, Binu; A, Nair; R C, Vineetha; S, Abhilash; N R, Harikumaran; K G, Raghu
2019-05Optimization of Submerged Fermentation Process for Improved Production of Β-carotene by Exiguobacterium Acetylicum S01S, Jinendiran; B S, Dileep Kumar; H U, Dahms; C D, Arulanandam; N, Sivakumar
2019-10Omega‐3‐rich Isochrysis Sp. Biomass Enhances Brain Docosahexaenoic Acid Levels and Improves Serum Lipid Profile and Antioxidant Status in Wistar RatsJ, Balakrishnan; S, Dhavamani; S G, Sadasivam; M, Arumugam; S, Vellaikumar; J, Ramalingam; K, Shanmugam
2019-04-17Structural Landscape of an Antimicrobial Sulfa Drug Sulfachloropyridazine: Polymorphs, Solvates, and CocrystalsS, SeethaLekshmi; S, Amrutha; M S R N, Kiran; S, Varughese
2019-07-24Observation of Enhanced Magnetic Entropy Change Near Room Temperature in Sr-site Deficient La0.67sr0.33mno3 ManganiteB, Arun; V R, Akshay; M, Vasundhara
2019-05Magnetite Tethered Mesoionic Carbene‐palladium (Ii): An Efficient and Reusable Nanomagnetic Catalyst for Suzuki‐miyaura and Mizoroki‐heck Cross‐coupling Reactions in Aqueous MediumM, Kempasiddhaiah; V, Kandathil; R B, Dateer; B S, Sasidhar; S A, Patil; S A, Patil
2019-01-30Interrelation of Elasticity, Isotherm of Adsorbed Proteins, and its Subsequent Displacement by a SurfactantI, Sharma; S K, Pattanayek
2019-04-29Impression of Magnetic Clusters, Critical Behavior and Magnetocaloric Effect in Fe3al AlloysS, Dash; A V, Lukoyanov; Y V, Knyazev; Y I, Kuz'min; E D, Baglasov; B, Weise; P, Kumar; M, Vasundhara; A K, Patra
2019-08Genomics of Lactic Acid Bacteria for Glycerol DissimilationN, Vivek; S H, Hazeena; T K, Godan; K B, Anjali; L M, Nair; B, Mohan; S C, Nair; R, Sindhu; A, Pandey; P, Binod
2019-06-28Extending the Library of Boron Bases: A Contribution from TheoryS S, Rohman; B, Sarmah; B, Borthakur; G S, Remya; C H, Suresh; A K, Phukan
2019-07-29Enhanced Charge Transport and Excited-State Charge-Transfer Dynamics in a Colloidal Mixture of CdTe and Graphene Quantum DotsM K, Mahato; C, Govind; V, Karunakaran; S, Nandy; C, Sudakar; E, Prasad
2019-07-28Electronic Structure, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Mn100-xGex (x=20, 25, and 30) Alloys Near Tetragonal-Orthorhombic Structural Phase TransitionS, Dash; A K, Patra; M, Vasundhara; A V, Lukoyanov; E D, Baglasov; Y V, Knyazev; Y I, Kuz'min
2019-05Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Squeeze-Cast Al–5Si–3Cu Alloy for Automotive ApplicationsM G, Akhil; S, Preenu; S, Hari; M, Ravi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 117