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Title: Silica-Based Organic−Inorganic Hybrid Fluorescent Ink for Security Applications
Authors: Nair, K S
Abhilash, P
Surendran, K P
Issue Date: 4-Feb-2019
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: ACS Omega; 4(2):2577–2583
Abstract: A facile formulation of fast-drying fluorescent ink made from nanostructured fluorescent silica nanocrystals is presented. The rheostable viscous ink suitable for screen printing was developed by careful selection of organic vehicle components, which was later printed onto various rigid and flexible substrates. Photoluminescence studies of the printed film confirmed that the formulated ink composition did not show noticeable influence on the excitation property of the fluorescent silica. The developed cost-effective and fast-curing fluorescent silica ink with desirable luminescent property makes it a suitable candidate for information encryption, optical devices, and energy conversion applications.
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