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Title: Bimodal detection of carbon dioxide using fluorescent molecular aggregates
Authors: Mishra, R K
Vijayakumar, S
Mal, A
Varsha, K
Jith, C J
Maiti, K K
Praveen, V K
Ajayaghosh, A
Issue Date: 24-Apr-2019
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: Chemical Communications; 55(43):6046-6049 
Abstract: Cyano-substituted p-phenylenevinylene (R-1) aggregates exhibiting fluorescence and Raman spectroscopic responses towards CO2 are described. The aggregation-induced emission (AIE) as well as the aggregation-enhanced Raman scattering (AERS) of R-1 in aqueous conditions was reduced in the presence of a small amount of CO2, which enabled its easy and fast bimodal detection in different analytical samples.
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