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Title: Homocarbaporphyrinoids: The m-o-m and p-o-p Terphenyl Embedded Expanded Porphyrin Analogues and Their RhI Complexes
Authors: Adinarayana, B
 Das, M
Suresh, C H
Srinivasan, A
Keywords: coordination chemistry
Issue Date: 27-Mar-2019
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Chemistry; 25(18):4683-4687
Abstract: Stable homocarbaporphyrinoids were successfully synthesized by incorporating the m-o-m and p-o-p terphenyl units into the porphyrin core. The distinct bonding modes of terphenyl in the macrocycle generated two structural isomers with two and four carbon atoms in the macrocyclic environment. The core was utilized to stabilize the RhI ion. The spectral and structural analyses revealed that the restricted (m-o-m) and allowed (p-o-p) conjugation in the macrocyclic core provide overall non-aromatic characteristics both to the free bases and their complexes.
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