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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2020The Assembly of Glycosphingolipid Determines their Immunomodulatory Effect: A Novel Method for Structure-Based Design of ImmunotherapyAdar, T; Lankalapalli, RS; Bittman, R; Ilan, Y
Oct-2020Transition‐Metal‐Catalyzed Syntheses of IndazolesJanardhanan, JC; Bhaskaran, RP; Praveen, VK; Manoj, N; Babu, BP
Oct-2020Tunable Flexible Capacitive Pressure Sensors Using Arrangement of Polydimethylsiloxane Micro-Pyramids for Bio-Signal MonitoringThouti, E; Nagaraju, A; Chandran, A; Prakash, PVBSS; Shivanarayanamurthy, P; Lal, B; Kumar, P; Kothari, P; Panwar, D
Nov-2020Water Dispersible ZnSe/ZnS Quantum Dots: Assessment of Cellular Integration, Toxicity and Bio-DistributionReshma, VG; Rajeev, KS; Manoj, K; Mohanan, PV
2020Zn-Dust Derived Zn/ZnO Cermet Fillers for Thermally Conductive High-k Epoxy DielectricsMathews, JM; Santhosh, B; Vaisakh, SS; Ananthakumar, S
May-2020A Novel Ex-Situ Bio-Remediation Process for Perchlorate Contaminated Soil.Rothish, R N; Jasmin, G R; Pradeep, S; Ajay, S V; Krishnakumar, B
Jul-2020Acid Hydrolysis of Damaged Wheat Grains: Modeling the Formation of Reducing Sugars by a Neural Network ApproachSirohi, R; Pandey, J P; Singh, A; Sindhu, R; Lohani, U C; Goel, R; Kumar, A
Dec-2020Advanced Glycation End-products (AGE) Trapping Agents: Design and Synthesis of Nature Inspired Indeno[2,1-c]PyridinonesAnaga, N; Basavaraja, D; Abraham, B; Nisha, P; Varughese, S; Jayamurthy, P; Sasidhar, B S
2020Accelerating Agricultural Biomass Utilization for Sustainable Development: The Oeuvres of the 4th Subject Specialized Conference of International Bioprocessing AssociationZhang, Q; Parameswaran, B; Lee, DJ
Feb-2020Immobilized N‑Heterocyclic Carbene‑Palladium(II) Complex on Graphene Oxide as Efficient and Recyclable Catalyst for Suzuki–Miyaura Cross‑Coupling and Reduction of NitroarenesKandathil, V; Kulkarni, B; Siddiqa, A; Kempasiddaiah, M; Sasidhar, B S; Patil, SA; Patil, Siddappa A
23-Jan-2020Trifluoromethyl‐Directed Supramolecular Self‐Assembly of Fullerenes: Synthesis, Characterization and Photovoltaic ApplicationsThawarkar, S; Nagarjuna, P; Bagui, A; Narayan, R; Panicker, JS; Nair, VC; Singh, SP
2020Isosmaragdyrin with an N3C2 core: stabilization of Rh(i) and organo-Pt(ii) complexes†Isosmaragdyrin with an N3C2 core: stabilization of Rh(i) and organo-Pt(ii) complexesDas, M; Chitranshi, S; Murugavel, M; Adinarayana, B; Suresh, CH; Srinivasan, A
Apr-2020Immobilizing biogenically synthesized palladium nanoparticles on cellulose support as a green and sustainable dip catalyst for cross-coupling reactionKempasiddaiah, M; Kandathil, V; Dateer, RB; Sasidhar, BS; Patil, SA; Patil, SA
Oct-2020Structural stabilization of δ-phase Bi2O3 in the MgBi1.5RE0.5O4 system through rare earth substitution for improved ionic conductivityRenju, U A; Rao, P P
Apr-2020Strong Narrow Red Emission in a Perturbed Fergusonite System: Y3Mg2Nb3O14:Eu3+ for White LED ApplicationsSreena, T S; Rao, P P; Raj, A K; Thara, TRA
Aug-2020Stress hormones mediated lipid accumulation and modulation of specific fatty acids in Nannochloropsis oceanica CASA CC201Udayan, A; Sabapathy, H; Arumugam, M
Nov-2020Spice-infused palmyra palm syrup improved cell-mediated immunity in wistar albino ratsRajam, S S N; Mohandas, K N; Vellolipadikkal, H; Syamnath, V L; Veena, K S; Raveena, N K; Nair, R S; Lankalapalli, R S; Velandy, R M
Aug-2020Solidification processing of cast metal matrix composites over the last 50 years and opportunities for the futureRohatgi, P K; Kumar, P A; Chelliah, N M; Rajan, T P D
1-Aug-2020Smartphone assisted colourimetric detection and quantification of Pb2+ and Hg2+ ions using Ag nanoparticles from aqueous mediumEmmanuel, N; Haridas, R; Chelakkara, S; Nair, R B; Gopi, A; Sajitha, M; Yoosaf, K
18-Feb-2020Self-assembled extended π‑systems for sensing and security applicationsPraveen, V K; Vedhanarayanan, B; Mal, A; Mishra, R K; Ajayaghosh, A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 134