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Title: Polysaccharide Enabled Biogenic Fabrication of PH Sensing Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters as a Biocompatible Tumor Imaging Probe
Authors: Shiji, R
Joseph, MM
Kuttanpillai, RP
Padinjarathil, H
Preethi, GU
Sreelekha, TT
Keywords: nanocluster
gold nanoparticle
pH ratiometry
in vivo imaging
punica granatum
Issue Date: Apr-2020
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Microchimica Acta;187(4): Article ID: 246.
Abstract: A biocompatible natural polysaccharide (PSP001) isolated from the fruit rind of Punica granatum was conjugated with L-cysteine (Y) to be used as a skeleton for the fabrication of fluorescent gold nanoclusters (AuNCs) represented as PSP-Y-AuNCs. With an average size of ~ 6 nm, PSP-Y-AuNCs demonstrated high quantum yield (31%), with a pH-sensitive fluorescence emission behavior. An emission maximum of 520 nm was obtained at acidic pH, which was blue shifted with increasing pH. This feature provides the possibilities for accurate ratiometric pH imaging. The PSP-Y-AuNCs not only demonstrated excellent biocompatibility with cancer cells and isolated peripheral lymphocytes and red blood cells but also demonstrated to be an active molecular imaging probe with appealing cellular uptake efficiency. The investigations with BALB/c mice further confirmed the non-toxic nature and in vivo imaging potential of the AuNCs. Estimation of the bio-distribution on solid tumor bearing syngeneic murine models revealed a tumor-targeted enhanced fluorescence emission pattern which is attributed to the pH responsive fluorescence behavior and the acidic microenvironment of the tumor. These findings were further confirmed with an impressive tumor accumulation pattern displayed in a xenograft of human cancer bearing nude mice. On account of their impressive biocompatibility and photophysical features, PSP-Y-AuNCs can exploited for the real-time fluorescence imaging of cancer tissues.
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