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Title: Electrical, Thermal and Microwave Shielding Properties of Printable Silver Nanowires
Authors: Remadevi, A
Jose, S A
Dijith, K S
Surendran, K P
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2021
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: Journal of Materials Science; 56(28): 15971-15984.
Abstract: Silver nanowires find use in a myriad of applications, including communication systems, sensors, medical devices and electrical equipment. Temperature-dependent electrical and thermal properties of chemically derived silver nanowires are rarely explored. In the present work, seed-mediated synthesis of silver nanowires has been carried out, and their electrical and thermal conductivity at 300 K is found to be 1.848 × 107 S/m and 64.8 W/mK, respectively. A screen-printable ink of silver nanowires is formulated and printed on low-cost and widely used substrates like paper and cotton fabrics. Flexible printed electrodes could be made possible with uniform printed structures obtained in cotton fabric and paper substrate. The printed pattern exhibited sheet resistance of 0.7 Ω/sq. Screen-printed silver nanowires on paper show shielding efficiency of 99.9% in X band, which promotes them as excellent candidates in fabricating lightweight electronic devices by a one-step printing process.
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