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dc.contributor.authorSindhu, R-
dc.contributor.authorMadhavan, A-
dc.contributor.authorArun, K B-
dc.contributor.authorPugazhendhi, A-
dc.contributor.authorReshmy, R-
dc.contributor.authorAwasthi, MK-
dc.contributor.authorSirohi, R-
dc.contributor.authorTarafdar, A-
dc.contributor.authorPandey, A-
dc.contributor.authorBinod, P-
dc.identifier.citationBioresource Technology; 327: 124791en_US
dc.description.abstractWorldwide worries upsurge concerning environmental pollutions triggered by the accumulation of plastic wastes. Biopolymers are promising candidates for resolving these difficulties by replacing non-biodegradable plastics. Among biopolymers, polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), are natural polymers that are synthesized and accumulated in a range of microorganisms, are considered as promising biopolymers since they have biocompatibility, biodegradability, and other physico-chemical properties comparable to those of synthetic plastics. Consequently, considerable research have been attempted to advance a better understanding of mechanisms related to the metabolic synthesis and characteristics of PHAs and to develop native and recombinant microorganisms that can proficiently produce PHAs comprising desired monomers with high titer and productivity for industrial applications. Recent developments in metabolic engineering and synthetic biology applied to enhance PHA synthesis include, promoter engineering, ribosome-binding site (RBS) engineering, development of synthetic constructs etc. This review gives a brief overview of metabolic routes and regulators of PHA production and its intervention strategies.en_US
dc.subjectmetabolic engineeringen_US
dc.subjectsynthetic biologyen_US
dc.subjecttranscription regulatorsen_US
dc.titleMetabolic Circuits and Gene Regulators in Polyhydroxyalkanoate Producing Organisms: Intervention Strategies for Enhanced Productionen_US
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