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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Prospects of functionally graded materials for engineering applicationsRajan, T P D; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C
2008-03-03Influence of precipitation hardening parameters on the fatigue strength of AA 6061-SiCp compositeMahadevan, K; Raghukandan, K; Pai, B C; Pillai, U T S
2011Studies on the effect of processing parameters on electroless coating of copper on boron carbide particlesDeepa, M; Resmi, V G; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C; Pai, B C
2009Role of matrix alloy chemistry on the interfacial reaction and solidification of metal matrix compositesPai, B C; Ravi, K R; Pillai, R M
2013Influence of autocatalytic coating bath parameters on the formation of copper over surface treated boron carbide particlesDeepa, J P; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C; Pai, B C
2013Mechanism for grain refinement and mechanical properties of AZ91 Mg alloy by carbon inoculationSuresh, M; Srinivasan, A; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C
2013Influence of Neodymium addition on the microstructure, mechanical and thermal properties of Mg-Si AlloysAjithkumar, K K; Abhilash, V; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C; Chakraborty, M
2013Creep Behavior of AZ91 Magnesium AlloySrinivasan, A; Ajithkumar, K K; Swaminathan, J; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C
2013Effect of Antimony and Yttrium addition on the high temperature properties of AZ91 Magnesium AlloyArun Boby; Ravikumar, K K; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C
2013Effect of Pb addition on the discontinuous and continuous Mg17Al12- beta precipitate during solidification of AZ91 magnesium alloyArun Boby; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C