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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A ratiometric fluorescence probe for selective visual sensing of Zn2+Ajayaghosh, A; Priya Carol; Sreejith, S
2009Control of molecular aggregation in symmetrically substituted pi-conjugated bulky poly(p-phenylenevinylene)s and their copolymersResmi, R; Amrutha, S R; Jayakannan, M
2009Supramolecular ring banded prototype liquid crystalline oligo(phenylenevinylene)Amrutha, S R; Jayakannan, M
2009Correlation between solid-state photophysical properties and molecular packing in a series of Indane-1,3-dione containing butadiene derivativesSaleesh Kumar, N S; Shinto Varghese; Suresh, C H; Rath, N P; Suresh Das
2009Tuning microstructures in organogels: Gelation and spectroscopic properties of mono- and bis-cholesterol-linked diphenylbutadiene derivativesShibu Abraham; Ratheesh, K V; Suresh Das
2009Single polymer photosensitizer for Tb3+ and Eu3+ Ions: An approach for white light emission based on carboxylic-functionalized poly(m-phenylenevinylene)sBalamurugan, A; Reddy, M L P; Jayakannan, M
2008Solid state optical properties of 4-alkoxy-pyridine butadiene derivatives: Reversible thermal switching of luminescenceSaleesh Kumar, N S; Shinto Varghese; Rath, N P; Suresh Das
2008Molecular packing and solid-state fluorescence of alkoxy-cyano substituted diphenylbutadienes: Structure of the luminescent aggregatesRiju Davis; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Shibu Abraham; Suresh, C H; Rath, N P; Tamaoki, N; Suresh Das
2008Polyurethane-oligo(phenylenevinylene) random copolymers: pi-conjugated pores, vesicles, and nanospheres via solvent-induced self-organizationDeepa, P; Jayakannan, M
2005Synthesis of regioregular poly (3-octylthiophene)s via suzuki polycondensation and end-group analysis by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometryJayakannan, M; Lou, X; Van Dongen, J L J; Janssen, R A J