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Title: π – Organogels of self-assembled ρ-Phenylenevinylenes: Soft materials with distinct size, shape, and functions
Authors: Ajayaghosh, A
Praveen, V K
Keywords: OPV Self assemblies
Helix formation
Chiral OPV self assembly
Chirality induction
Sergeant and soldiers effect
Supramolecular control
Molecular packing
Self assembly induced modulation
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2007
Publisher: American Chemical Society, USA
Citation: Accounts of Chemical Research 40(8):644-656; 21 Aug 2007
Abstract: This Account is focused on the self-assembly of ρ-Phenylenevinylenes, a linear π- system, which has been extensively studied over the years due to both fundamental and technological importance. A serendipitous observation of the gelation of an oligo (p- phenylenevinylene) {OPV} derivative in nonpolar hydrocarbon solvents that led to a new class of functional materials, namely, π-organogels, is described. Strategies to control the size, shape, and functions of the supramolecular architectures of OPV self - assemblies are highlighted. Formation of nano - to microsized helical architectures, control on chromophore packing, self-assembly induced modulation of optical properties and application as light harvesting assemblies are the important features of this novel class of photonically and electronically active soft materials.
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