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Title: Raman Imaging: An Impending Approach Towards Cancer Diagnosis
Authors: Ramya, A N
Arya, J S
Madhukrishnan, M
Shamjith, S
Vidyalekshmi, M S
Maiti, K K
Keywords: Raman Imaging
Issue Date: Mar-2021
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Chemistry – An Asian Journal;16(5):409-422
Abstract: In accordance with the recent studies, Raman spectroscopy is well experimented as a highly sensitive analytical and imaging technique in biomedical research, mainly for various disease diagnosis including cancer. In comparison with other imaging modalities, Raman spectroscopy facilitate numerous assistances owing to its low background signal, immense spatial resolution, high chemical specificity, multiplexing capability, excellent photo stability and non-invasive detection capability. In cancer diagnosis Raman imaging intervened as a promising investigative tool to provide molecular level information to differentiate the cancerous vs non-cancerous cells, tissues and even in body fluids. Anciently, spontaneous Raman scattering is very feeble due to its low signal intensity and long acquisition time but new advanced techniques like coherent Raman scattering (CRS) and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) gradually superseded these issues. So, the present review focuses on the recent developments and applications of Raman spectroscopy-based imaging techniques for cancer diagnosis.
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