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Title: Nanobiocatalysts: Advancements and Applications in Enzyme Technology
Authors: Reshmy, R
Philip, E
Sirohi, R
Tarafdar, A
Arun, K B
Madhavan, A
Binod, P
Awasthi, M K
Varjani, S
Szakacs, G
Sindhu, R
Keywords: Nanobiocatalyst
Enzyme immobilization
Carrier free immobilization
Issue Date: Oct-2021
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Bioresource Technology;337:125491
Abstract: Nanobiocatalysts are one of the most promising biomaterials produced by synergistically integrating advanced biotechnology and nanotechnology. These have a lot of potential to improve enzyme stability, function, efficiency and engineering performance in bioprocessing. Functional nanostructures have been used to create nanobiocatalysts because of their specific physicochemical characteristics and supramolecular nature. This review covers a wide range of nanobiocatalysts including polymeric, metallic, silica and carbon nanocarriers as well as their recent developments in controlling enzyme activity. The enormous potential of nanobiocatalysts in bioprocessing in designing effective laboratory trials for applications in various fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, biofuel, and bioremediation is also discussed extensively.
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