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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03Waste-Derived Fuels and Renewable Chemicals for Bioeconomy Promotion: A Sustainable ApproachNarisetty, V; Reshmy, R; Maitra, S; Tarafdar, A; Alphy, M P; Naresh Kumar, A; Madhavan, A; Sirohi, R; Awasthi, M K; Sindhu, R; Varjani, S; Binod, P
2023-12-13Innovative Transformation and Valorisation of Red Mill Scale Waste into Ferroalloys: Carbothermic Reduction in the Presence of AluminaKhanna, R; Konyukhov, Y; Li, K; Jayasankar, K; Maslennikov, N; Zinoveev, D; Kargin, J; Burmistrov, I; Leybo, D; Kravchenko, M; Mukherjee, P S
2023-12-14Blue emitting exciplex for yellow and white organic light-emitting diodesRajeev, K; Vipin, C K; Sajeev, A K; Shukla, A; McGregor, S K M; Lo, S C; Namdas, E B; Narayanan Unni, K N
2023-10-31Engineering semi-permeable giant liposomesRadhakrishnan, S; Nair, K S; Nandi, S; Bajaj, H
2023-11-14Metallosupramolecular polymers: current status and future prospectsMukhopadhyay, R D; Ajayaghosh, A
2023-10-1628π Non‐Fused Hexaphyrin: Synthesis, Protonation Triggered Möbius Aromaticity and Structural PropertiesDash, S; Ghosh, A; Bandyopadhyay, S; Kalita, P; Vishwakarma, R; Srinivasan, A; Suresh, C H; Chandrashekar, T K
2023-12-07Exploring a Mitochondria Targeting, Dinuclear Cyclometalated Iridium (III) Complex for Image-Guided Photodynamic Therapy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer CellsNeelambaran, N; Shamjith, S; Murali, V P; Maiti, K K; Joseph, J
2023-10-10Ultra-bright and thermally stable deep red emitting doped yttrium zirconate nanoparticles for tunable white LEDs and indoor plant growthThekke Parayil, R; Gupta, S K; Abraham, M; Das, S; Pitale, S S; Sudarshan, K; Mohapatra, M
2023-05Chemical, Functional, Rheological and Structural Properties of Broken Rice–barnyard Millet–green Gram Grits Blend for the Production of ExtrudatesNisha, R; Nickhil, C; Pandiarajan, T; Pandiselvam, R; Jithender, B; Kothakota, A
2023-12Citrus fruit: Classification, Value Addition, Nutritional and Medicinal Values, and Relation with Pandemic and Hidden HungerRicha, R; Kohli, D; Vishwakarma, D; Mishra, A; Kabdal, B; Kothakota, A; Richa, S; Sirohi, R; Kumar, R; Naik, B
2023Current Production Strategies and Sustainable Approaches Towards the Resurgence of Non-centrifugal Cane Sugar Production – a reviewVenkatesh, T; Nandhu Lal, A M; Silpa, V; Balakrishnan, D; Padma, I S; Reshma, M V; Sajeev, M S; Pandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A
2023-07-07DBU-Catalyzed Diastereo/Regioselective Access to Highly Substituted Spiro-oxetane Oxindoles via Ring Annulation of Isatins and AllenoatesDurugappa, B; Athira, C S; Doddamani, S V; Somappa, S B
2023-04-05Dehydration-Driven Nanomechanical Responses of the Antiviral Drug EIDD-1931Divya, I S; Mondal, A; Bhunia, S; Mangalampalli, K S R N; John, J; Reddy, C M; Varughese, S
2023-04Design Consideration and Optimization of Process Parameters in Fiber Extraction Unit via Modelling StudiesVishnu, V; Harikrishnan, M P; Warrier, A S; Mahanti, N K; Basil, M; Venkatesh, T; Pandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A
2023-04-28Detection of Sialic Acid and Imaging of Cell-Surface Glycan Using a Fluorescence–SERS Dual ProbeJana, P; Koppayithodi, S; Murali, M; Saha, M; Maiti, K K; Bandyopadhyay, S
2023-07Direct Utilization and Conversion of Raw Starch to Exopolysaccharides by a Newly Isolated Amylolytic Streptococcus sp.Parameswaran, R; Soumya, M P; Nampoothiri, K M
2023-07-21Discovery of Oxygen Induced Chemoselectivity in Pd-Catalyzed C–H Functionalization: Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling vs C–H AminationBabu, S A; Varughese, S; Mathew, J; John, J
2023-09-26Naturally Derived Malabaricone B as a Promising Bactericidal Candidate Targeting Multidrug-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus also Possess Synergistic Interactions with Clinical AntibioticsSivadas, N; Kaul, G; Akhir, A; Shukla, M; Govind, M G; Dan, M; Radhakrishnan, K V; Chopra, S
2023-09-18Topology of electrostatic potential and electron density reveals a covalent to non-covalent carbon–carbon bond continuumAnjalikrishna, P K; Gadre, S R; Suresh, C H
2023-09-30Fundamental Understanding of Dye Coverage and Performance in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Copper ElectrolytePradhan, S C; Velore, J; Meethal, S M; Soman, S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 172