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Title: Bioactive metabolites in functional and fermented foods and their role as immunity booster and anti-viral innate mechanisms
Authors: Varsha, K K
Narisetty, V
Brar, K K
Madhavan, A
Alphy, M P
Sindhu, R
Awasthi, M K
Varjani, S
Binod, P
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Journal of Food Science and Technology; 60:2309–2318
Abstract: Live microorganisms in the fermented foods termed probiotics and their secondary metabolites with bioactive potential were considered as potential anti-viral capabilities through various mechanisms. Given the importance of functional and fermented foods in disease prevention, there is a need to discuss the contextualization and deep understanding of the mechanism of action of these foods, particularly considering the appearance of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is causing health concerns and increased social services globally. The mechanism of probiotic strains or their bioactive metabolites is due to stimulation of immune response through boosting T-lymphocytes, cytokines, and cell toxicity of natural killer cells. Proper consumption of these functional and fermented foods may provide additional antiviral approaches for public benefit by modulating the immune functions in the hosts.
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