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Title: Microbial production of nutraceuticals: Metabolic engineering interventions in phenolic compounds, poly unsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids synthesis
Authors: Madhavan, A
Arun, K B
Alex, D
Anoopkumar, A N
Emmanual, S
Chaturvedi, P
Varjani, S
Tiwari, A
Kumar, V
Reshmy, R
Awasthi, M K
Binod, P
Aneesh, E M
Sindhu, R
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Journal of Food Science and Technology; 60:2092–2104
Abstract: Nutraceuticals have attained substantial attention due to their health-boosting or disease-prevention characteristics. Growing awareness about the potential of nutraceuticals for the prevention and management of diseases affecting human has led to an increase in the market value of nutraceuticals in several billion dollars. Nevertheless, limitations in supply and isolation complications from plants, animals or fungi, limit the large-scale production of nutraceuticals. Microbial engineering at metabolic level has been proved as an environment friendly substitute for the chemical synthesis of nutraceuticals. Extensively used microbial systems such as E. coli and S. cerevisiae have been modified as versatile cell factories for the synthesis of diverse nutraceuticals. This review describes current interventions in metabolic engineering for synthesising some of the therapeutically important nutraceuticals (phenolic compounds, polyunsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids). We focus on the interventions in enhancing product yield through engineering at gene level or pathway level.
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