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Title: Advanced Approaches for Resource Recovery from Wastewater and Activated Sludge: A Review
Authors: Awasthi, M K
Ganeshan, P
Gohil, N
Kumar, V
Singh, V
Rajendran, K
Harirchi, S
Solanki, M K
Sindhu, R
Binod, P
Zhang, Z
Taherzadeh, M J
Keywords: Activated sludge
Wastewater treatment
Circular economy
Sustainable model
Biochemical treatment
Issue Date: Sep-2023
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Bioresource Technology;384;Article ID:129250
Abstract: Due to resource scarcity, current industrial systems are switching from waste treatment, such as wastewater treatment and biomass, to resource recovery (RR). Biofuels, manure, pesticides, organic acids, and other bioproducts with a great market value can be produced from wastewater and activated sludge (AS). This will not only help in the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy, but also contribute to sustainable development. However, the cost of recovering resources from wastewater and AS to produce value-added products is quite high as compared to conventional treatment methods. In addition, most antioxidant technologies remain at the laboratory scale that have not yet reached the level at industrial scale. In order to promote the innovation of resource recovery technology, the various methods of treating wastewater and AS to produce biofuels, nutrients and energy are reviewed, including biochemistry, thermochemistry and chemical stabilization. The limitations of wastewater and AS treatment methods are prospected from biochemical characteristics, economic and environmental factors. The biofuels derived from third generation feedstocks, such as wastewater are more sustainable. Microalgal biomass are being used to produce biodiesel, bioethanol, biohydrogen, biogas, biooils, bioplastics, biofertilizers, biochar and biopesticides. New technologies and policies can promote a circular economy based on biological materials.
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