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Title: 1,3-Phenyl linked urea-based receptors for anions and the facile cyclization to imidazolidinedione
Authors: Haridas, V
Sandhya, S
Geeta, H
Suresh, C H
Keywords: Receptors
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2012
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Tetrahedron Letters 53(41):5523-5527;10 Oct 2012
Abstract: Amino acid-based molecules containing a bis-urea moiety have been synthesized and demonstrated for their anion binding affinities. Compound 1c binds phosphate and sulfate with binding constants of 3.6 103 M 1 and 4.3 103 M 1, respectively. These molecules undergo proton transfer upon treatment with fluoride, resulting in the formation of imidazolidinediones. The crystal structure of one such diimidazolidinedione displays self-assembly through nonconventional hydrogen bonding interactions
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