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Title: Mercuric triflate
Authors: Paul, R R
Keywords: Mercuric triflate
Cyclization of alkynes
Propargyl acetates
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart
Citation: Synlett 23(13):1997-1998;2012 (Spotlight 402)
Abstract: Mercuric triflate or mercury(II) trifluoromethane sulfonate,Hg(CF3SO3)2 is a white powdery solid, hygroscopic in nature and soluble in water. It belongs to the chemical family of metal triflate compounds and is toxic upon inhalation,contact or ingestion. It has a melting point of 350 °C above which it decomposes to a mixture of carbonyl fluoride, carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide and metal salts. Mercuric triflate is commercially available and can as well be prepared instantaneously by the reaction of mercury(II) oxide and triflic anhydride in acetonitrile (Scheme 1).1 Mercuric triflate is a very versatile reagent2 and has been used for several organic catalytic transformations including C–C bond forming cyclizations, alkyne hydrations, heterocycle synthesis and very recently in C–N bond forming reactions
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