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Title: Bright green luminescent molecular terbium plastic materials derived from 3,5-bis(perfluorobenzyloxy)benzoate
Authors: Sarika, S
Reddy, M L P
Keywords: Lanthanide complexes
Photophysical properties
Europium luminescence
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: RSC Publishing
Citation: Journal of Materials Chemistry 22(29):10852-10859;2012
Abstract: Luminescent lanthanide complexes (Eu3+ (1) or Tb3+ (2)) involving a highly fluorinated aromatic carboxylate, namely,3,5-bis(perfluorobenzyloxy)benzoic acid which acts as an antenna chromophore and sensitizes the visible emitting lanthanides, have been synthesized and characterized and their photophysical properties investigated. The results demonstrated that the replacement of high-energy C–H vibrations with fluorinated phenyl groups in the 3,5-bis(benzyloxy)benzoate effectively improves the luminescence intensity and lifetimes of lanthanide complexes. It is interesting to note that the designed fluorinated carboxylate is well suited for the sensitization of Tb3+ emission (Fsen ¼ 52%),thanks to a favorable position of the triplet state of the ligand as investigated in the Gd3+ complex. On the other hand, the corresponding Eu3+ complex shows weak luminescence efficiency (Fsen ¼ 24%) due to poor match of the triplet state of the ligand with the emissive excited states of the metal ion. In the present work, efforts have also been made to isolate luminescent molecular terbium plastic materials by combining the unique optical properties of lanthanides with the mechanical characteristics, thermal stability, flexibility and film-forming tendency of polymers (PMMA). The photoluminescence quantum yields of polymer–lanthanide hybrid materials are significantly enhanced (53–65%) as compared to that of the Tb3+–3,5 bis(perfluorobenzyloxy)benzoate complex
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