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Title: Processing fly ash stabilized hydrogen titanate nano-sheets for industrial dye-removal application
Authors: Hareesh, P
Babitha, K B
Shukla, S
Keywords: Hydrothermal
Methylene blue
Adsorption kinetics
Issue Date: 30-Aug-2012
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Hazardous Materials 229-230:177-182;30 Aug 2012
Abstract: We report a new method for the processing of fly ash (FA) stabilized hydrogen titanate nano-sheets in the form of aggregated microspheres. The industrial silica-based FA has been utilized for this purpose which has been surface-modified by coating with the anatase-titania (TiO2) via sol–gel. The anatase-TiO2 coated FA particles are subjected to the hydrothermal treatment in an autoclave under high temperature and pressure conditions in a highly alkaline solution. The hydrothermal conditions cause dissolution of silica resulting in the disintegration of other constituents of FA which are adsorbed in ionic and/or oxidized form on the surface of intermediate product of the hydrothermal treatment of anatase-TiO2,specifically the hydrogen titanate. The adsorption of FA constituents has resulted in the stabilization of hydrogen titanate in the nano-sheet morphology instead of nanotubes. The FA stabilized hydrogen titanate nano-sheets exhibit higher specific surface-area than that of the hydrogen titanate nanotubes and have been successfully utilized for the removal of an organic synthetic-dye from an aqueous solution via surface-adsorption, involving the electrostatic-attraction and ion-exchange mechanisms operating,in the dark-condition
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