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Title: Colorimetric detection of copper ions in sub-micromolar concentrations using a triarylamine-linked resin bead
Authors: Thomas, T G
Sreenath, K
Gopidas, K R
Keywords: Fluoresecent chemosensor
Selective recognition
Aqueous solution
Radical cations
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: The Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: Analyst 137(22):5358-5362;2012
Abstract: The triarylamine derivative ETPA reacts with Cu2+ to give deeply colored, stable radical cations in acetonitrile solution. ETPA was immobilized on to a tentagel resin bead which was then used for the fabrication of a simple device capable of the colorimetric detection of submicromolar concentrations of Cu2+ ions in water. The naked eye detection limit reported here for Cu2+ is one of the lowest ever reported for small molecule sensors
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