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Title: Casting and characterization of LiMgPO4 glass free LTCC tape for microwave applications
Authors: Dhanesh, T
Abhilash, P
Sebastian, M T
Keywords: Tape casting
Dielectric properties
Glass free LTCC
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of the European Ceramic Society 33(1):87-93;Jan 2013
Abstract: The LiMgPO4 ceramic has been prepared through the solid state ceramic route. The powder has an average particle size of 1.1 μm and BET surface area of 2.7 m2 g−1. Good dispersion of LiMgPO4 has been achieved in ethanol/xylene mixture with the addition of 2 wt.% fish oil. The tape casting slurry of LiMgPO4 with typical pseudoplastic behavior has been prepared and cast into thin tapes of thickness 70 μm. LiMgPO4 green tape shows a tensile strength of 0.22 MPa and average surface roughness of 0.25 μm. The green tape has an ɛr of 3.2 and tan δ of 0.0688 at 5 GHz. The thermo-laminated tape (4 layers) sintered at 950 °C/2 h shows good microwave dielectric properties: ɛr = 6.4 and tan δ = 0.0002. LiMgPO4 has a coefficient of thermal expansion of 10.5 ppm/°C and thermal conductivity of 7.1 W m−1 K−1
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