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Title: Prospects of functionally graded materials for engineering applications
Authors: Rajan, T P D
Pillai, R M
Pai, B C
Keywords: Funtionally graded materials
Metal matrix composites
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: The Indian Institute of Metals, Trivandrum Chapter
Citation: Met News 25(3):19-29;Dec 2007
Abstract: A large number of components for engineering and structural applications demand location specific performance under service conditions. A gradual transition in the composition or microstructure motivates the changes in the functions of that location for meeting the needs. These tailored materials are functionally graded materials (FGM). Making components for such performance will be a challenging task. Basically two approaches are available. In the constructive approach, the functionally graded layers are built through processes like solid state powder metallurgy method, liquid phase sintering, infiltration and reactive power sintering. In the transport aided approach the transportation of the second phase is achieved through natural phenomenon like diffusion, gravity or thermal and or mechanical or chemical aided forces. The presentation reviews the state of art knowledge available on the development of FGMs with specific examples of the industrial components. The work carried out by the authors on the development of these materials in the laboratory and their applications are also discussed.
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