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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1997Development of novel ceramic substrates for high Tc superconductors and the preparation of superconducting films on these new substratesJose Kurian; Jacob Koshy
Jun-2012Microwave dielectric properties of BaNb(22x)TaxP2O11 (x 5 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2) ceramicsDhanesh, T; Rethika, K T; Sebastian, M T
15-Mar-2012Temperature compensated Sr2Al2SiO7 ceramic for microwave applicationsManu, K M; Tony Joseph; Sebastian, M T
2013Effect of isovalent substitutions on the microwave dielectric properties of Ca4La6(SiO4)4(PO4)2O2 apatiteDhanesh, T; Abhilash, P; Sebastian, M T
2009Synthesis of nanocrystalline yttria through in-situ sulphated-combustion techniqueMangalaraja, R V; Ananthakumar, S; Mouzon, J; Uma, K; Lopez, M; Camurri, C P; Oden, M
2013Effect of glass fillers in Cu2ZnNb2O8 ceramics for advanced microwave applications.Jobin Varghese; Sumesh Gopinath; Sebastian, M T
2011Structural and electrical properties of nonstoichiometric semiconducting pyrochlores in Ca-Ce-Ti-Nb-O systemDeepa, M; Prabhakar Rao, P; Sumi, S; Radhakrishnan, A N; Chandran, M R; Peter Koshy
2011Structure and dielectric properties of a new series of pyrochlores in the Ca-Sm-Ti-M-O (M = Nb and Ta) systemSameera, S; Prabhakar Rao, P; Chandran, M R
2013Microwave dielectric properties of flexible silicone rubber – Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O3 composite substratesNamitha, L K; Sebastian, M T
2011Low permittivity SrCuSi4O10-LMZBS glass composite for LTCC applicationsManu, K M; Anjana, P S; Sebastian, M T