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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2007Centrifugal casting: A potential technique for making functionally graded materials and engineering componentsRajan, T P D; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C
Aug-2007Separation of matrix alloy and reinforcement from aluminum metal matrix composites scrap by salt flux additionRavi, K R; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C; Chakraborty, M
2007Influence of Si and Sb additions on the corrosion behavior of AZ91 magnesium alloySrinivasan, A; Ningshen, S; Kamachi Mudali, U; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C
Dec-2007Fabrication and characterization of A1-7Si-0.35Mg/fly ash metal matrix composites processed by different stir casting routesRajan, T P D; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C; Satyanarayana, K G; Rohatgi, P K
2007Microstructure and mechanical properties of low pressure cast AZ91 magnesium alloySrinivasan, A; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C
Oct-2007Influence of interfacial reaction on the fluidity of A356 Al –SiCр Composites: A theoretical approachRavi, K R; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C; Chakraborty, M
Jul-2007Improved mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour of AZ91 magnesium alloy for automotive applicationsSrinivasan, A; Pillai, U T S; Swaminathan, J; Mudali, U K; Ningshen, S; Pai, B C
Dec-2007Squeeze Casting: An OverviewSukumaran, K; Pillai, R M; Pillai, S G K; Pai, B C
2007Prospects of functionally graded materials for engineering applicationsRajan, T P D; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C
3-Mar-2008Influence of precipitation hardening parameters on the fatigue strength of AA 6061-SiCp compositeMahadevan, K; Raghukandan, K; Pai, B C; Pillai, U T S