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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effect of micro-and nano-fillers on the properties of silicone rubber-alumina flexible microwave substrateNamitha, L K; Chameswary, J; Ananthakumar, S; Sebastian, M T
2012-06Improved dielectric and mechanical properties of polystyrene− hybrid silica sphere composite induced through bifunctionalization at the interfaceSasikala, T S; Bindu, P N; Pavithran, C; Sebastian, M T
2007-11-12Effect of interparticle distance and interfacial area on the properties of insulator –conductor compositesDeepa, K S; Sebastian, M T; James, J
2008-03Low loss dielectric materials for LTCC applications: A reviewSebastian, M T; Jantunen, H
2012-05-15Microwave dielectric properties of Flexible butyl rubber–strontium cerium titanate compositesChameswary, J; Thomas, D; Subodh, G; Soumya, H; Philip, J; Sebastian, M T
2012-08Effect of Zn2+ substitution on the microwave dielectric properties of LiMgPO4 and the development of a new temperature stable glass free LTCCDhanesh, T; Sebastian, M T
2012-06Microwave dielectric properties of BaNb(22x)TaxP2O11 (x 5 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2) ceramicsDhanesh, T; Rethika, K T; Sebastian, M T
2012-06Dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties of Sr2ZnSi2O7 based polymer/ceramic compositesTony Joseph; Uma, S; Philip, J; Sebastian, M T
2012-03-15Temperature compensated Sr2Al2SiO7 ceramic for microwave applicationsManu, K M; Tony Joseph; Sebastian, M T
2013Electrical and thermal properties of low permittivity Sr2Al2SiO7 ceramic filled HDPE compositesManu, K M; Ananthakumar, S; Sebastian, M T