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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2007One – pot synthesis of core – modified rubyrin, octaphyrin and dodecaphyrin : Characterization and nonlinear optical propertiesRajeev Kumar; Misra, R; Chandrashekar, T K; Amit Nag; Goswami, D; Suresh, E; Suresh, C H
1-Aug-2007Photochromic dibenzobarrlenes: Long–lived triplet biradical intermediatesSaji Mon, M C; Ramaiah, D; Suresh, C H; Adam, W; Lewis, F D; Gerorge, M V
2007Self-organization of phenyleneethynylene into wire-like molecular materials on surfacesYoosaf, K; James, P V; Ramesh, A R; Suresh, C H; George Thomas, K
30-Oct-2007Rapid reduction and complexation of vanadium by 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-toluoyl-5-pyrazolone: Spectorscopic characterization and structure modellingRemya, P N; Suresh, C H; Reddy, M L P
19-Jul-2007Intramolecular hydrogen bond energy in polyhydroxy systems: A critical comparison of molecular tailoring and isodesmic approachesDeshmukh, M M; Suresh, C H; Gadre, S R
2012DFT study on the mechanism of water-assisted dihydrogen elimination in group 6 octahedral metal hydride complexesSandhya, K S; Suresh, C H
22-Oct-20121,3-Metal−carbon bonding and alkyne metathesis: DFT investigations on model complexes of group 4, 5, and 6 transition metalsSuresh, C H; Frenking, G
16-Jan-2012Quantification of the trans influence in hypervalent iodine complexesSajith, P K; Suresh, C H
8-Nov-2012Oxidation reactions of 2‑Thiouracil: A theoretical and pulse radiolysis studyPrasanthkumar, K P; Suresh, C H; Aravindakumar, C T
Mar-2012Theoretical study of the addition and abstraction reactions of hydroxyl radical with uracilPrasanthkumar, K P; Suresh, C H; Aravindakumar, C T