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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effect of micro-and nano-fillers on the properties of silicone rubber-alumina flexible microwave substrateNamitha, L K; Chameswary, J; Ananthakumar, S; Sebastian, M T
2013Butyl rubber–Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 composites for flexible microwave electronic applicationsChameswary, J; Sebastian, M T
2009Enhanced permittivity by the adhesion of conducting and low-loss insulating ceramics in polystyreneSumesh George; Sebastian, M T
2013Casting and characterization of LiMgPO4 glass free LTCC tape for microwave applicationsDhanesh, T; Abhilash, P; Sebastian, M T
2013Effect of glass fillers in Cu2ZnNb2O8 ceramics for advanced microwave applications.Jobin Varghese; Sumesh Gopinath; Sebastian, M T
2013Microwave dielectric properties of flexible silicone rubber – Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O3 composite substratesNamitha, L K; Sebastian, M T
2010Dielectric, thermal, and mechanical properties of CeO2-filled HDPE composites for microwave substrate applicationsAnjana, P S; Deepu, V; Uma, S; Mohanan, P; Philip, J; Sebastian, M T
2010Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3-glass-silver percolative compositeDeepa, K S; Priyatha, P L; Parameswaran, P; Sebastian, M T; Jose James
2006Novel monazite type rare earth based phosphates ARP(3)O(10) (A=Ba or Ca; R=La, Ce or Sm) - Studies on their preparation, structure, microstructure and dielectric propertiesRavindran Nair, K; Prabhakar Rao, P; Amina, B; Chandran, M R; Peter Koshy
2008Effect of Nb2O5 Substitution on the dielectric characteristics of DyTiTaO6 microwave ceramicsJoseph, J T; Kumar, H P; Manoj Raama Varma; Thomas, J K; Sam Solomon